Healthcare Blogging Summit Recap

Speaking of social media, the Healthcare Blogging Summit was a lot of fun and I learned quite a bit at the same time. My notes are not detailed enough to reconstruct a summary, but John Mack of the Pharma Marketing Blog liveblogged some of the sessions, including the one I moderated on using new media to motivate behavior change (maybe I’m biased, but I thought it was the best panel of all!). The amazing people on my panel were:

Here are the links to John’s session summaries:

John also presented results of his Pharma Blogosphere reader survey in one of the panels that touched on measurement.

For me, the best part of the summit was getting to meet people I previously knew only in cyberspace — Dmitriy, Carol, Toby and Fard — as well as seeing familiar faces and meeting new friends too. The only disappointment for me was that the room was not as full as it should have been, so this was a missed opportunity for a lot of people. The next summit will be a two-day event in Chicago in September, and I hope it will attract the audience it deserves. Kudos to Dmitriy for putting this event together!

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