In the Social Media Twilight Zone

Here’s proof that I wasn’t crazy this morning when I got the Twitter domain parking page, and then when I tried to respond to a comment on my blog got an error message for Blogger that said that “Services for this domain have been discontinued.” (Sorry for the size/blurriness of screen shots – don’t know why they turned out that way.) I figured it was a sign of the Internet apocalypse, with hackers taking out vast swaths of our social media landscape. Turns out I was wrong, and that I seem to be the only one with these wacky pages. Blogger seems to have worked itself out, but Twitter keeps going in and out for me in a different way than its usual hiccups. Does anyone have an explanation for this weirdness that seems to only affect me? (I set myself up for that one, didn’t I?)

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  1. How bizarre! I believed you when you twittered it, but am happy to see the screen shots.

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