Beyond Words

Have you ever seen a picture that gives you the chills? Makes you feel like someone kicked you in the stomach? Have you ever had to avert your eyes from a photo because it felt like you were seeing too deeply into another person’s soul?

While searching Flickr for a picture to illustrate an upcoming blog post, I stumbled upon a series of photos by a photographer named Tom Stone, who goes by the username stoneth. His black and white portraits of poor and homeless people riveted my attention. In some cases he shares the person’s story, in others the photo speaks for itself. Never discount the power of a picture to provide an emotional charge to an issue.

cry for the departed

(homeless native american man, san francisco, 5/6/07)

father’s service
(homeless self described minister, sf, 12/13/06)


(homeless woman in tenderloin who’s suffered two nervous breakdowns, sf, 6/20/06)

kids with dolls

(young person panhandling beside teddy bear, sf, 2/19/07)

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