Come Dialogue on New Media Today!

Please join me today (September 16th, 9 am – 7 pm EDT) in a CDC-sponsored Web Dialogue on New Media in Health Marketing. I will be a panelist, along with:

  • Ann Aikin, Health Communications, CDC/NCHM/DeHM
  • Jennie Anderson, MS, and John Snow Inc.
  • Miguel Gomez, Director,, OS
  • Fard Johnmar, M.A., Envision Solutions, LLC
  • R. Craig Lefebvre, PhD, Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health and Health Services, George Washington University

We’ll be asking questions, offering ideas and answers in response to your questions and thoughts, and discussing issues related to blogs, social networks, and other types of social media, as they relate to health marketing (CDC’s term for social marketing). Over 300 of our closest friends have also registered, and will be part of the conversation as well. I hope you will register and join us!

P.S. I will be joining late, as the three hour time difference, plus dropping my sister off at the airport, will delay my jumping in. I’m counting on you all to keep the conversation going until I get back!

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